• Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC was felicitated by the State Government of Maharashtra then Irrigation Minister Mr. Ajitdada Pawar in appreciation of Dhom-Balakavadi Dam, which is the only project of MKVDC, completed well ahead of the Schedule that too by maintaining very high standards of quality parameters of the work.
  • Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC was felicitated by the Finance Minister Mr. Jayantrao Patil as a successful engineer on the Engineers Day in the memoir of “Sir Vishveshwarayya”.
  • Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC was awarded “Kolhapur Bhushan” by Kolhapur Municipal Corporation in recognition of support to the poorest of the poor people, creating employment opportunities, social activities for up-liftment of economically weaker & exploited section of the society and the meaningful contribution and unparallel efforts taken in overall development in the Industrial Sector of Kolhapur District.
  • Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC was Nominated as a Board Member of the Board of Shivaji University for the college and university development plan and is a member of senate.
  • Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC was a successful Chairman of the student’s council of Shivaji University and has been instrumental for a lot of development projects for the university.
  • Mr. Dilip Mohite, MD, DMC is Chairman of the Alumni of Xavier’s High school and has contributed a great lot for the development and upliftment of the ex students of the school.